A New Voice by and for the Medicare Population

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Welcome to Over 65! This is a blog by and for those in the Medicare population (along with a few younger contributors) who want a stronger voice in decisions made about and for us–and for the younger generations that we created. It’s an idea created by a bioethicist (Daniel Callahan), a psychiatrist (Jim Sabin) and a surgeon (Sherwin Nuland). All of us are well over 65, have worked on issues about aging and end-of-life care for much of our careers, and feel there is major work that remains to be done.

As you can see from our list of supporters, many of whom will contribute to this blog, many people over 65 feel as we do. We think we can have a voice, and are starting with this blog. But our aims are higher–for a project with conferences, public meetings, and policy impact. For now, we invite you to read more about the project and our five goals here, at right, and to comment freely and discuss vigorously.

3 Responses to “A New Voice by and for the Medicare Population”

  1. jeannie maes

    these articles are great. My daughter who works at Seattle Children’s hospital emailed your blog to me. Please continue with balanced opinion info.
    Many thanks.

  2. Linda Butterworth

    What a great idea! Just retired as a geriatric nurse practitioner with a fulltime nursing home practice. Boy do I have stories…. I also sat on our system ethics committee for more than 10 years. Have been amazed that it was required that I be hired by a medical system (with my collaborative MD’s) to provide these medical services to the nursing homes. This cost Medicare much more than if nursing homes had some incentive to hire their own GNP with no billing and yearly salary. Does this have anything to do with the AMA lobby? I look forward to your email alerts and what will, no doubt, be some very interesting discussions.

  3. stephen lefrak

    Well, this could be interesting glad I found it. We’ll look forward to reading it and hopefully it will provide some new interests. I am still working full time so I am not yet into the next stages, although there is certainly push back at my institution.